Collaborative Diagnosis

When facing a major medical issue we connect the patient’s attending doctors with one of our Physician Specialists to jointly develop a comprehensive collaborative diagnosis (or Co-Diagnosis™) together with the optimum treatment plan.

Our Physician Specialists know how to provide the best care and avoid the potential morass of misdiagnosis and the cost and potential complications of overtreatment. Since time is often such a critical factor, we guarantee to deliver this service within 5 business days of receiving the relevant medical records.

Physician Specialists & Case Managers

Physician Specialists

Only exceptional medical practitioners earn the distinction of being named a Physician Specialist. We are proud to provide access to their superior quality of care and the potentially life-changing impact to you.

Factors weighed in selecting Physician Specialists include:

  • Medical knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Peer-review ratings
  • Medical institution affiliation
  • Patient reviews

Case Managers

Our Case Managers are here to help each patient navigate their way through our services and are very aware of the fact that this is an incredibly difficult and sensitive time. They act as the patient’s advocate and as an effective bridge between the various medical teams and the patient.The patient’s Case Manager will walk the patient through the steps each service requires, collect all the patient’s medical history, test results and medical imaging, keeping the patient in the loop on progress. They are available before, during and after the diagnosis process. Case Managers can be reached via:

  • Phone, fax or email
  • Web — using our Patient Portal
  • MORE Health app for iOS and Android smartphones
Collaboration Platform
“ MORE Health has developed an impressive platform, much better than all major EMR’s in the U.S., especially coming from a physician like myself having practiced for over 10 years. It’s easy to navigate and use, with all information and data in one place. This truly allows physicians to practices medicine again. ”
Dr. Joseph Jasser, President & CEO, Dignity Health Medical Foundation

To allow another doctor to review a case typically a patient’s complete medical record is printed, faxed between institutions, scanned, and reviewed as a list of unsorted PDFs. Outside of limited, special circumstances, the closest doctors come to actively collaborating is a rare phone call. There is no widely adopted and effective collaboration solution in modern medicine. Our HIPAA-compliant platform was developed with significant physician input and allows doctors to work together from multiple locations in a truly effective manner, whether they are in the same building, or on different sides of the planet.

It has the following components:

  • Clinical Database, including medical history, hospital records and lab results
  • Medical images, including CT-images
  • FDA-approved, secure discussion tools, including HIPAA-compliant video conferencing
  • Final diagnosis and treatment plan

Physician Collaboration Platform

Global shortcuts allow physicians to search, take notes, send private messages, and review notifications.
Flow bar guides physicians through the diagnostic process.
Physicians can schedule or attend a secure video conference with other physicians.
Physicians can seamlessly collaborate with their teams.
Physicians can accept a pending case, review case details, discuss with other physicians and then deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Both Physicians and Patients can also access the platform via dedicated smartphone apps.

Patient Portal

Our platform can be used on a day-to-day basis by members as a Personal Health Record system, where they can store their medical information, to be accessed as needed anywhere in the world. Should they require one of our diagnostic services then the platform scales into a full Secure Medical Record system, where our Case Managers can safely store a detailed patient history. This can be accessed by the Physician Specialist as needed, but can also be accessed by members to track progress throughout the process.

Secure Encrypted Environment
Tim Hoffman
Timothy Hoffman
Chief Security Officer

Widely recognized for his skills in security design, architecture, and policy, Tim is a former U.S. Navy Cryptologic Officer and is also the Lead Information Security Engineer at UCSF Medical Center. Tim ensures that all MORE Health employees receive regular training on HIPAA compliance.

We have developed a culture of security in all our teams, as well as built safeguards directly into all our technology from the ground up. Security both protects and enables our business, but because the external threats are constantly evolving, so does our response. Our design philosophy for security can be summed up with the triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.
We deploy multiple layers of protection to all our patient information, like a castle, with an external moat, then high walls, and finally a secure inner keep. We treat the privacy of all our patients with the utmost seriousness. In fact, we can offer better security than even a bank, since our systems are not designed for broad consumer access, rather we designed them for people with very specific roles, so we can lock down our firewalls even tighter.